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File converter

With VLC you can easily convert files and save them to almost any format you would like. It’s a free converter that supports almost any format.

Convert files

You can for example:

    • - Convert to mp3;

    • - Convert to mp4;

    • - Convert avi files;

    • - Convert to avi;


And more..


You are provided with an all-round file converter!


Video converter

To download movies, it is necessary to have enough space on your hard disc. This is not a problem when you play movies on your pc, but it can be difficult if you want to watch movies on a smartphone or tablet. In that case you need to convert video to another format which your smartphone or tablet does support. VLC is the right video converter to convert videos of almost any format. Click here for the video converter manual.


Audio converter

It is possible to play almost any audio file. Vlc Mediaplayer is the audio converter with which you can convert music to almost any desired format. These could be audio files from the internet and files from your computer, but also files from a recording machine or a cd.

Download VLC free and discover all the convert options!

Download Vlc Player